Muon Network


An introduction to the Muon Network.
Muon is a decentralized Nodes as a service Network that enables running Web2 and Web3 applications, off-chain, on-chain, and cross-chain. The network acts as a base layer that bridges the division between blockchains, creating a fluid DeFi ecosystem. The Muon layer exists between blockchains, connecting different protocols and allowing them to talk to each other, ensuring blockchain interoperability.
Blockchains are great for storing valuable data securely, but running software is expensive and slow. This is where Muon comes in: its elementary node layer allows external smart contracts to securely perform complex computations at zero gas cost through off-chain computation.
Muon will give partnering blockchain projects high-speed performance, by means of our "data-on-demand" principle, needed to become industry leaders in their respective fields. Using truly decentralized oracles and cross-chain bridges has never been as easy and secure.
Last modified 1yr ago